Saturday, August 26, 4:40-5:20

Heritage Hall

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The improvising trio made up of violinist Andrew Tholl, percussionist Corey Fogel, and bassist Devin Hoff have worked with each other through the years in various circumstances and combinations, including as members of experimental pop artist Julia Holter's recording and touring ensemble. 

Their debut album CONDITIONAL TENSION was released in 2016 on Los Angeles' Populist Records. The work documents the group on one evening, composed and recorded live at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, California. The performances captured on this album showcase the trio exploring two different states: "sensitivity to initial conditions," recorded with acoustic and unamplified instruments, dives deep into a world of timbral possibilities, while"reasonable strategies for tense conjugation" utilizes electric instruments to allow for an onslaught of sonic experimentation.

Andrew Tholl, violin
Corey Fogel, percussion
Devin Hoff, bass